Action Comics #1 – $5.3 million (12/12)

Action Comics #1
Action Comics #1


Published in 1938, Action Comics #1 marks the first appearance of Superman, one of the first major superhero characters ever created. This iconic superhero was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Action Comics #1 is also considered to be the beginning of the superhero genre. It was an anthology containing eleven features, and the story of Superman was the first feature among these eleven. Action comics were published by National Allied Publications, which later came to be known as DC Comics. A copy of this comic was sold for a staggering 3.2 million dollars in 2014. But in January 2022, this record was broken by a $5.3 million purchase of a 8.0-graded Action Comics #1 in a private sale. This vintage comic was a part of Edgar Church's collection, the most famous comic book collection in the world. With this massive purchase, Action Comics #1 remains the most expensive comic book of all time.

“Action Comics 1” (Fair use) via Commons Wikimedia

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