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Have you ever felt ‘what the heck are they talking about?’ after reading a comments section of a Instagram or Facebook post or a Twitter thread? Most probably you would have, and you are not alone. The language is very much connected to the technology these days. Since teens are mostly hang out in online they have created easy and fun new words to express ideas. We call these very informal English as slang language. The world of slang is huge and in this article we are going to explore some of the more interesting slang terms highlighted in 2020.

“Slang word is an informal term that stands for or means something else than its literal meaning; a shorter way to say a word or phrase.
Slang is slang for short language.”

Most probably what you have not grasped is the meaning of the slang words; which may or may not be a “real word” but has a meaning in today’s popular media. As today’s world is dominated by the social media with unparalleled traffic as the days roll, new such words come and go daily. The meme culture we are seeing is a result of this social media phenomenon. 2020 being the year which made hanging on the internet for most of the day the new norm, the traffic skyrocketed and so did the use of internet slangs.

So here are our picks for ‘Top 25 slang words used in 2020’ with little snippets of their origins and meanings along with an example each for you to understand their use in context. Use vote buttons and comment section under each list item to tell us how you feel about these new slangs!

  1. 1 Cap


    This is not related to the usual cap that you put on your head. This word is referred to lying, while no cap means telling the truth. Typically, this term is used in the context of boasting. If someone is bragging too much about something it is possible that they are ‘capping’.

    Example: “No cap bruh, I really like that girl.”

  2. 2 GOAT


    This does not mean about the animal goat. It’s the acronym for ‘Greatest Of All Time’. Its pronounced in the same way as pronouncing the word for animal goat. Most of the time pops out when people start to argue about sports.

    Example: “Those cupcakes are GOAT”

  3. 3 Curve


    This means to reject someone. It is like rejecting a person from their romantic interests. There have been many slangs for the word curve including the shape of women’s body too. Now it is mostly used in modern dating and romance.

    Examples: “she curved me last week.”

  4. 4 Salty


    Originally this means containing salt or the taste of salt. But now this word is being used to describe a person’s emotional condition. When someone is angry or irritated over something they will be described as salty.

    Example: “He was salty after they roasted him.”

  5. 5 Tea


    When you read this word at ones you remember your cup of tea. But in slang tea is used to describe about a gossip or to refer to some interesting story or news. When someone says, “what’s your tea?” this means that person is interested and eagerly waiting to in hearing your story.

    Example: “I heard some tea about the party last night.”

  6. 6 Stan


    This word popped out in 2000 in a song released by the rapper Eminem. But now this is the slang for someone who is a serious die heart fan, specially of a celebrity or a music group. This is widely used in fandom culture.

    Example: “Don’t stan for that singer.”

  7. 7 Hundo P


    You can use this word when you totally agree on something. It is an abbreviation of 100%. If you are confirming something for absolutely for sure, then you can use the slang Hundo P.

    Example: “Are you going to the gym today?”
    “hundo p!”

  8. 8 Periodt


    This word is used at the end of a sentence. It is used to conclude a sentence. The extra “T” at the end is used to emphasis as well as mimic to some speech patterns. This word is used in the expression “and that’s on peridot”.

    Example: “Just because you hate me you don’t have to spill fake news about me.preiodt.

  9. 9 Lit


    Simply this gives the idea of cool, fun and excitement. Its used when something is turned up and when they are intensely excited. People has started to say “Lit AF” to mean extreme great.

    Example: “Oh boy that party was so damn lit.”

  10. 10 Slay


    Yes, the first meaning that came to your mind maybe of killing someone. But in today’s context this word is used so say someone that they look amazing or did an excellent work on something. It is a way of appreciating a person.

    Example: “Swift’s new album slayed.”

  11. 11 Flex


    This word has two meanings. It means to show off or to boast and at the same time it means to put on a fake, to fake something or to force it. This is mostly used in rap and hip hop.

    Example: “Don’t be flexing on me like that bro.”

  12. 12 Clout


    It is about having power or influence. This word is in famous in social media. It is used when a person plays the role of an influencer. It is more like a person who is after more followers and looking for more opportunities to clout.

    Example: “Paul, Mike and Jane have hella clout.”

  13. 13 Fr


    This is the shorten word of ‘for real’. It is like emphasizing that what you are saying is the truth and used when questioning about the accuracy of something that someone has said.

    Example: “Hey my crush asked me out today!”

  14. 14 Ballin


    This is used to refer to a person who is in a state of being a wealthy and living a very luxurious lifestyle.

    Example: “He is still ballin” (He is still living the luxury life)

  15. 15 Ship


    This word derived from the word relationship. It is the concept of a fictional couple. It is mostly used by fans who want two people to become couple and enter to a romantic or sexual relationship.

    Example: “I don’t ship them that much. I ship jane and Daniel to be honest.

  16. 16 Turnt


    This is a variation of the word ‘turned’ and its used to describe a person when he / she is excessively excited. This is also used to describe a person who is drunk.

    Example: “yeah this party is about to be turnt!”

  17. 17 Woke


    Getting called “woke” is a compliment. It means that you are aware about what is going on. It is mainly regarding the awareness of issues related to social and racial justice.

    Example: “I’m very happy because I attended to that meeting on crypto-genderism, now I’m really woke”

  18. 18 Bae


    Though this word is commonly referred as a short form of baby or babe, the letters of the word represent the phrase “before anyone else”.

    Example: “She is my bae!” (She comes before anyone else)

  19. 19 Shade


    Many people call their sunglasses ‘shades’. But here in its slang form this means suspicious or disrespectful behavior. It appears in the phrase “to throw shades”. It is the expression for disgust with a person.

    Example: Jane threw shades at Katty when she said, “There isn’t a guy in her course that Katty hadn’t dated”.

  20. 20 Receipt


    At first the image of a paper showing the proof of a purchase might come to your mind, but in the slang this means of proof or evidence. In modern day, these evidence means about videos, screenshots, or images that can come through social media.

    Examples: “I got all the receipts from their secrete chat they had last night.”

  21. 21 Ghost


    Originally this word was referred to the soul of a dead person. But now its meaning has expanded, and this term is used in relation to dating. It is used when you suddenly end all the contacts in a relationship without any explanations.

    Example: “I’m going to have to ghost him until he gets the point”

  22. 22 Clap back


    This means a strong criticism which can either be written or spoken. It is more like answering an opponent’s insult with a much stronger manner. This in usually done in the comment section in social media.

    Example: “That was so damn interesting. You should have heard the clapback, Oh Jesus.”

  23. 23 Wig


    The phrase ‘my wig flew”, “wig!” have surely caught your eye while going through your twitter or Instagram feed. This slang is a feeling of being so much shocked or enamored with any event.

    Example: “I got free tickets to Eminem’s show!”
    “No way omg WIG.”

  24. 24 Big yikes


    This has evolved from the word “yikes” to a severe type embarrassing or unfortunate moment. It can also be used to insult someone. This is the most suitable term to be used when a shout is the answer to something drastic.

    Example: “My crush heard me talking about her and now she thinks I’m crazy.”
    “Big yikes.”

  25. 25 Snatched


    Do not get worried if a teen says someone or something is snatched. It is a way of giving a compliment. It describes anything that looks good, very attractive or flawlessly styled.

    Example: “I always wanted to say you darling, your makeup snatched.”