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Potential union of Romania and Moldova
Potential union of Romania and Moldova


What if Moldova joined Romania? The unification of these two Easter European countries has been a popular concept since the 1980s. In 1917, the Bessarabia governance of the Russian empire declared independence as the Moldovan republic and united with the Kingdom of Romania in 1918. This was before the soviet occupation in 1940. After Moldova gained independence following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, it remained an independent country. Today some people argue that the countries should reunite as they did in 1918.

An example of their cultural similarity is their almost identical flag. One poll from march 2021 stated that 43.9% of Moldova would vote to reunite with Romania; now, the value might be even higher because Moldova seems more and more eager to establish further connections with the west and the European Union of which Romania is a member of.

“Potential union of Romania and Moldova including Transnistria” By User:Scooter20 - Own work (Public Domain) via Commons Wikimedia

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